Unfortunately a lot of my Foley work is strictly copyrighted so I can’t show it publically. But the credits speak for themselves, and if you need some demonstration of my abilities e.g. for a game I’m happy to provide a few custom sound examples.

Eibach – Performance that matters (Sounddesign, Dialogue Editing, Foleys & Mixing)


Im Reich der Schatten (Dialogue Recording & Editing, Sounddesign, Foleys & Mixing)

360º-Installation in the Landesmuseum Trier.

Im Reich der Schatten – Unterwasser

Im Reich der Schatten – Wald

Die Alchimistin (Dialogue Editing, Sounddesign & Mixing)

Radioplay by Kai Meyer

Schattenreich (Dialogue Editing, Sounddesign & Mixing)

Radioplay by A. Meirose und V. Pruß

ESF Theme (Music)

Piece of music I made for Earths Special Forces – a Halflife-mod on Dragonball. Original theme by Bruce Faulconer.