Hi. I’m a Foley Artist, Sound Designer & Composer for games & other media. For a first impression find my latest showreel below.

What makes me and my work unique?

I’m an experienced Foley Artist working in this fascinating field for 14 years now. This means I have a very good idea about materials, textures, timing and rhythm. Having acquired a couple of rooms full of Foley props of all kinds is an excellent condition for creating great custom sound effects.

I hold a Tonmeister diploma from the renowned Berlin University of the Arts. During my studies I got extensive musical training like ear training, score reading & organology accompanied by in-depth technical knowledge about microphones, recording techniques, signal processing and such. I play several instruments.

Last but not least life has given me both lemons and candy so I can draw upon an array of real emotions when working on sound.

When I decide wether to take on a project or not my first question is always: Can I add value to this project? Some things don’t speak to me, and in these cases I won’t be able to add a valuable voice on my own and I always try to be honest about that to myself and my potential clients.


The tables below show an extract of the projects I’ve worked on.

Game Credits

2024Behind Unyielding EyesStudio 19-99PCSound Designer
2024HorticulturistsThe Lovable Hat CultPCSound Designer
2024The Darkest Files Paintbucket GamesDesktopSound Designer, Composer, Voice Actor
2023Pizza PossumCosy ComputerDesktop, Switch, Xbox, PSSound Designer
2022Beholder 3Paintbucket GamesPC, Mac, ConsolesSound Designer, Composer (not the trailer music), Voice Actor
2020NutsJoon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char & TorfiPC, Mac, SwitchSound Designer, Composer, Voice Actor
2020You Suck At ParkingHappy VolcanoPC, Mac, ConsolesSound Designer & Composer
2020October Night GamesOctober Night GamesPC, Mac, LinuxMusic Implementation
2020Tentacularfirepunchd & MrLucaGamesVRSound Designer & Composer
2020Curious Expedition 2Maschinen-MenschPC, Mac, LinuxSound Designer
2019Beyond Medusa’s GateBluebyteVRFoley Artist
2019Anno 1800BluebytePCAudio Designer
2019Through the Darkest of TimesPaintbucket GamesPC, MacSound Designer & Composer
2017-2018All Walls Must FallinbetweengamesPC, Mac, LinuxSound Designer & Composer
2017The Curious ExpeditionMaschinen-MenschPC, Mac, LinuxSound Designer on DLC Arctic Expanse
2014Dead Island 2Yager DevelopmentPS4, XBox One, PCSound Editor
2014 – 2017Lost SeaEastasiasoftPS4, XBox One, PCSound Designer
2013 – 2017Rainbow SkiesSideQuest StudiosPS3 & PS VitaSound Designer

Movie Credits

Year TitleDirectorFormatJob
2018 KopfkinoPeter LundFeatureFoley Artist
2018 JibrilHenrika KullFeatureFoley Artist
2017 The Glorious SevenHarald FranklinFeatureFoley Artist
2017 Sophia BöschShortFoley Artist
2017 FreiheitJan SpeckenbachFeatureFoley Artist
2016 Die Drei ??? Live RadioplayFoley Artist
2016 GabiMichael Fetter NathanskyShortFoley Artist
2016 TherapieFelix CharinFeatureFoley Artist
2015 Als die Sonne vom Himmel fielAya DomenigDocumentaryFoley Artist
2015 Eibach – Performance that matters CommercialSounddesigner, Mixer
2015 Lac Noir ShortFoley Artist
2014 Lines in FlowBoris Hars-TschachotinVideo InstallationFoley Artist
2014 Until I loose my breathEmine Emel BalciFeatureFoley Artist
2014 StaatsdienerMarie WilkeFeatureFoley Artist
2014 PyrohansMarion TuorShortFoley Artist
2014 Bube SturMoritz KrämerFeatureFoley Artist
2014 FièvresHicham AyouchFeatureFoley Artist
2014 Le LitRaphaëlle BruyasShortFoley Artist
2014 MelusineLaura LaabsShortFoley Artist
2014 Koala SunshineEsther TrilschAnimated ShortFoley Artist
2013 Bibi & Tina – Der FilmDetlev BuckFeatureSound FX Editor
2013 The VoicesMarjane SatrapiFeatureFoley Editor
2013 Idegen földIstván KovácsShortFoley Artist
2013 Own DrumKai StänickeAnimated ShortFoley Artist
2013 Rotkäppchen, Dackel und der WolfBritt DunseAnimated ShortFoley Artist, Sound Designer, Composer
2013 SIE SO ER SOGregor DashuberAnimated ShortFoley Artist
2013 Global Player – Wo wir sind isch vorneHannes StöhrFeatureFoley Editor
2013 Tatort – GeburtstagskindTobias IneichenTV SeriesFoley Editor
2013 LieblingIzabela PlucinskaAnimated ShortFoley Artist
2013 GOLD – Du kannst mehr als Du denkstMichael HammonDocumentaryAssistant Sound Editor
2012 In LimboLeo Bridle & Leo PowellIphone AppFoley Artist
2012 GZSZdivDaily SoapSound Editor
2011 Weisser AmurFrank GenserShortSound Designer
2010 GoogleAdwords:Thank YouMischa RozemaCommercialSound Designer
2010 Im Reich der SchattenMarc TamschickAnimationSound Designer
2010 MonstersGareth EdwardsFeatureFoley Editor
2009 PandorumChristian AlvartFeatureAssistant Sound Editor
2009 Same Same But DifferentDetlev BuckFeatureFoley Editor
2009 Anonyma – Eine Frau in BerlinMax FärberböckFeatureAssistant Sound Editor