Sounddesign, foleys and music for movies and games.

Hi. I am a Berlin-based Foley Artist, Sound Designer and Composer for movies and games.

Elaborate Sound is a powerful source of emotions and can tell a story on its own. I love contriving soundscapes until everything’s in the right place. Being a qualified and highly musically trained Tonmeister (The Berlin University of the Arts) certainly helps finding the right pace and mood for all sounds.

As noted above, I work in the film business as well as in game audio. The mixture of very refined work on one hand and being dead on while meeting certain restrictions on the other brings me tremendous joy throughout my work. Besides I am crazy about doing creature voices. Just recently I realized that it’s about time to learn some coding, and I will be covering my journey into c# in the blog soon…

Filmsound lovers may want to take a peek at the filmtonpodcast which I’m hosting together with my colleague Peter Lorenz.