Hi. I’m a Foley Artist, Sound Designer & Composer for games & other media. For a first impression find my latest showreel below.

What makes me and my work unique?

I’m an experienced Foley Artist working in this fascinating field for 14 years now. This means I have a very good idea about materials, textures, timing and rhythm. Having acquired a couple of rooms full of Foley props of all kinds is an excellent condition for creating great custom sound effects.

I hold a Tonmeister diploma from the renowned Berlin University of the Arts. During my studies I got extensive musical training like ear training, score reading & organology accompanied by in-depth technical knowledge about microphones, recording techniques, signal processing and such. I play several instruments.

Last but not least life has given me both lemons and candy so I can draw upon an array of real emotions when working on sound.

When I decide wether to take on a project or not my first question is always: Can I add value to this project? Some things don’t speak to me, and in these cases I won’t be able to add a valuable voice on my own and I always try to be honest about that to myself and my potential clients.


The tables below show an extract of the projects I’ve worked on. Apart from them, one can find sound design by me in commercials from clients like eon, maihiro, Panasonic, Onitsuka Tiger, Toshiba and Lufthansa.

Game Credits

Year   Title Developer Platform Job
2020   Nuts Joon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char & Torfi PC, Mac, Switch Sound Designer & Composer
2020   You Suck At Parking Happy Volcano PC, Mac, Consoles Sound Designer & Composer
2020   October Night Games October Night Games PC, Mac, Linux Music Implementation
2020   Tentacular firepunchd & MrLucaGames VR Sound Designer & Composer
2020   Curious Expedition 2 Maschinen-Mensch PC, Mac, Linux Sound Designer
2019   Anno 1800 Bluebyte PC Audio Designer
2019   Through the Darkest of Times Paintbucket Games PC, Mac Sound Designer & Composer
2017-2018   All Walls Must Fall inbetweengames PC, Mac, Linux Sound Designer & Composer
2017   The Curious Expedition Maschinen-Mensch PC, Mac, Linux Sound Designer on DLC Arctic Expanse
2014   Dead Island 2 Yager Development PS4, XBox One, PC Sound Editor
2014 – 2017   Lost Sea Eastasiasoft PS4, XBox One, PC Sound Designer
2013 – 2017   Rainbow Skies SideQuest Studios PS3 & PS Vita Sound Designer

Movie Credits

Year   Title Director Format Job
2018   Kopfkino Peter Lund Feature Foley Artist
2018   Jibril Henrika Kull Feature Foley Artist
2017   The Glorious Seven Harald Franklin Feature Foley Artist
2017   Sophia Bösch Short Foley Artist
2017   Freiheit Jan Speckenbach Feature Foley Artist
2016   Die Drei ???   Live Radioplay Foley Artist
2016   Gabi Michael Fetter Nathansky Short Foley Artist
2016   Therapie Felix Charin Feature Foley Artist
2015   Als die Sonne vom Himmel fiel Aya Domenig Documentary Foley Artist
2015   Eibach – Performance that matters   Commercial Sounddesigner, Mixer
2015   Lac Noir   Short Foley Artist
2014   Lines in Flow Boris Hars-Tschachotin Video Installation Foley Artist
2014   Until I loose my breath Emine Emel Balci Feature Foley Artist
2014   Staatsdiener Marie Wilke Feature Foley Artist
2014   Pyrohans Marion Tuor Short Foley Artist
2014   Bube Stur Moritz Krämer Feature Foley Artist
2014   Fièvres Hicham Ayouch Feature Foley Artist
2014   Le Lit Raphaëlle Bruyas Short Foley Artist
2014   Melusine Laura Laabs Short Foley Artist
2014   Koala Sunshine Esther Trilsch Animated Short Foley Artist
2013   Bibi & Tina – Der Film Detlev Buck Feature Sound FX Editor
2013   The Voices Marjane Satrapi Feature Foley Editor
2013   Idegen föld István Kovács Short Foley Artist
2013   Own Drum Kai Stänicke Animated Short Foley Artist
2013   Rotkäppchen, Dackel und der Wolf Britt Dunse Animated Short Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Composer
2013   SIE SO ER SO Gregor Dashuber Animated Short Foley Artist
2013   Global Player – Wo wir sind isch vorne Hannes Stöhr Feature Foley Editor
2013   Tatort – Geburtstagskind Tobias Ineichen TV Series Foley Editor
2013   Liebling Izabela Plucinska Animated Short Foley Artist
2013   GOLD – Du kannst mehr als Du denkst Michael Hammon Documentary Assistant Sound Editor
2012   In Limbo Leo Bridle & Leo Powell Iphone App Foley Artist
2012   GZSZ div Daily Soap Sound Editor
2011   Weisser Amur Frank Genser Short Sound Designer
2010   GoogleAdwords:Thank You Mischa Rozema Commercial Sound Designer
2010   Im Reich der Schatten Marc Tamschick Animation Sound Designer
2010   Monsters Gareth Edwards Feature Foley Editor
2009   Pandorum Christian Alvart Feature Assistant Sound Editor
2009   Same Same But Different Detlev Buck Feature Foley Editor
2009   Anonyma – Eine Frau in Berlin Max Färberböck Feature Assistant Sound Editor