Sounddesign, foleys and music for movies and games.

Hi. I am a Berlin-based Foley Artist, Sound Designer and Composer for movies and games.

Elaborate Sound is a powerful source of emotions and can tell a story on its own. I love contriving soundscapes until everything’s in the right place. Being a qualified and highly musically trained Tonmeister (The Berlin University of the Arts) certainly helps finding the right pace and mood for all sounds.

I love non-linear audio where players’ choices directly impact my work and I have to think about how everything might come together. But being able to find just the right shoe and surface for a character in a movie also gives me tremendous joy, as does collecting lots of Foley props. I certainly have thing for carving out details in audio.

I’ve worked on games like All Walls Must Fall, Rainbow Skies, The Curious Expedition and Dead Island 2 and my movie credits include Same Same But Different, The Librarians, Monsters and many more.

Filmsound lovers may want to take a peek at the filmtonpodcast which I once started together with my colleague Peter Lorenz. It’s in hiatus now but the few episodes we did are worth checking out if you’re capable of the German language :)