“Im Reich der Schatten” Premiere

A long and very exciting project finally came to an end!
The animation “Im Reich der Schatten” was especially created up to the needs and wishes of the people at the Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier. 15 projectors create a surround image throughout the 40 meter long room and bring the exhibition pieces to life, assisted by 19-channel-surround-sound.
I did the complete sound postproduction, from dialogue recordings to sound design and mixing.
The concept of characters moving visually and acoustically through (such big!) 3D-space is quite a novelty so we all learnt a lot on the way and many adjustments had to be made.
The outcome is quite astonishing, if nothing else thanks to the adorable picture by the Talking Animals, the technical expertise of my old friend Daniel Plewe and the great music by Bluwi.