Sound Design Weisser Amur

Yay! We just completed the final mix of my most recent project Weisser Amur, a spooky and yet very calm short film directed by Frank Genser.
In the beginning I struggled a bit with the sound design. The picture with its long shots in the middle of a lonesome forest and unagitated dialogues called for unobtrusive yet intense sound so I immediately decided to compose the soundtrack mostly out of natural sounds. But it took me some time to get them to into the right order – realistic environments that would shift subtly when the action needed it and boosted by creepy moaning sounds from time to time.
Special goody for me was the foley work…I just love to mark time in different shoes.
Now it’s done and thanks to re-recording-mixer Christian Conrad my doings got polished and mingled into a great mix everyone is very happy with.